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 Well after 1 year and 8 months I finally finished all units of my Certificate III in Educational Support (Teacher Aide).  I got the final email today to say that everything is complete and satisfactory and that my Certificate will be sent to me in about two weeks.

Please know I'm not bragging when I say how proud I am of finishing this.  In 2012 my depression got so bad that I was hospitalised and had to postpone the course.  In 2013 I felt well enough to pick up where I left off and finish my remaining units.  This was done not without difficulty as I was now doing the training via correspondence rather than with my peers as I had initially.

But I persisted and thanks to the lovely staff at my boys school I was able to undertake my practical training in both a voluntary and paid aspect. Throughout all of this I was supported by family and friends.  Some of these people I had never met like many of you here or on LJ but you still gave me that support and friendship all the same.   Thank you with all my heart.

So here I am.  A certified Teacher Aide.  I think you can forgive me for feeling a bit chuff about this achievement. :D
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