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Title: Though lovers be lost, love shall not (Dylan Thomas)
Author: emraldeyedauter
Characters & Pairings: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, Jackie Tyler, Alternate world Pete Tyler, mentions of Mickey Smith, Martha Jones and other characters from Torchwood.
Beta: None
Rating: Teen (for now)  Angst, Romance

Story Summary: It's Valentines day in the alternate universe. Even after more than a year, Rose is still having a difficult time dealing with her seperation from the Doctor. Can her friends and family in two different universes bring her the only gift she's ever wanted? This is also a sequel to another fic of mine called
"Your hand in mine."

Author Note: Was going to be written for the [livejournal.com profile] sistersofguh Valentines ficathon but unfortunately I haven't been able to complete this in time. I have used some prompts from there though and will post them with the second chapter. This fic is not beta'd so I apologise for any bad grammer and terrible punctuation. I hope at least my spelling is okay. Chapter 2 is underway and I hope will be finished this week.

Every night since their heart breaking goodbye at Bad Wolf Bay, Rose dreamt of the Doctor.

Some times he would appear in his former body and she would welcome his manic grin, gruff stance and leather armour. But mostly he always came as she knew him last, dressed in his brown suit, with his beautiful smile and wild hair. In her dreams she was still with him, tripping around the galaxies hand in hand, saving people, and battling monsters. Amongst it all they would enjoy some quiet moments, but always, always there was the running. Symbolic really because that's all she wanted to do. Run towards the Doctor; her hearts desire.


The alarm clock sounded. Rose hated that noise. Mornings light always brought the cold reality that her Doctor was gone, left back in Canary Wharf in her original universe. Just like every morning Rose got out of bed and went into the shower. She turned on the water so no one would hear her sobbing her heart out.

Downstairs, in the kitchen someone did know. Jackie Tyler knew her daughter better than anyone and did not miss the signs of Rose's broken heart. As she served up breakfast to her husband, she was thankful once again to be able to have a second chance at love with Pete Tyler.

“So its happening today then?”

Pete glanced up from the paperwork he had been reading and gave his wife a nervous smile. “Yes, Jacs. Just like I said. The day before our annual Valentines day ball.”

“Do you think it will work, Pete?”

“I honestly don't know. From all the information we've got through the rift from that Harkness chap, then yes, it should work.” Jackie did not look convinced. That was understandable given that Torchwood in her universe had almost destroyed the world. “I think we can trust him, love and he seems keen on helping us. Besides he's from Cardiff Torchwood and not the London one.”

“Yeah 'cause location makes all the difference,” replied Jackie tartly.

Pete sighed but not with frustration. He spoke softly, not wanting anyone else to hear except his wife. “He said he got the information directly from you know who Jacs. That's how he knew to contact me. The Cardiff lot have been experimenting with the rift for some time and their trials appear to be successful. Harkness sounds like he knows what he's talking about even if his communications are a bit too friendly.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow. “How friendly!”

Her husband rose from the table to wrap his arms around her. “Don't worry love. Told him there was only one woman for me. I lost her and found her and now I'm never letting her go again.”

“I love you too, Pete,” she said as they held each other tightly.

Upstairs, Rose managed to finally regain her composure. Stepping out of the shower, she dried herself before heading to her wardrobe to find something to wear. Her work outfits were very uniform, consisting of shirt, trousers and good running shoes. She dressed quickly before brushing her hair and pulling it back into a ponytail. She avoided looking in the mirror as much as possible. Seeing her reflection only reminded her of everything she lost.. She was no longer the girl that had had the world at her feet and a daft alien who held her heart.

“Rose! Breakfast is ready!”

Her mother's voice startled Rose from her thoughts. “Be down in a minute,” she called back. As she made her way down the stairs, she was wearing the fake smile that had become part of her daily life in this alternate world. As she ate her food, she listened to her mum chatter on about the forthcoming ball, and gave the appropriate answers to any questions she was asked like the good dutiful daughter she was.

It was a relief to finally be on her way to work. Pete had offered her a job in this universe's Torchwood and though sceptical at first, Rose found it a lot different to what she expected. Her work was often challenging and surprising but more importantly than anything else it helped her forget the constant ache in her heart.

As soon as she got to work, the call came in for her team to investigate an alien crash site just north of London. Rose wasted no time in responding. It would be something to make the hours fly by until night time when once more she could be in her bedroom, drifting off to sleep and dreaming of her Doctor.

Pete watched Rose on the monitor as she left with her team on their assignment. He had been wondering how he was going to get her out of the way and while he did hope that the aliens were okay, the crash had been the excuse he was looking for.

He sat down at his desk and took a few sips of his lukewarm coffee, before opening up his email account. Pete had seen and heard a great deal during his life that not a lot surprised him. Well except Jackie and Rose becoming part of his life however he had to admit that receiving a hand written message through the rift addressed to him one month ago certainly qualified as surprising.

The note had included an email address which Pete was initially suspicious about but other details on the sheet of paper were so accurate he knew he had to respond. When he sent the first email to the address given he still couldn't help but think it was a mad idea. Yet within two minutes he got a response from one Captain Jack Harkness and the rest as they say was history.

Somehow the Captain and his team had worked out how to control the rift, allowing them to send things through it. The value of that knowledge only became known when Harkness advised Pete that he was connected to a certain party that Rose would be very interested in and would Torchwood in Pete's universe be willing to help the Cardiff branch on the other side?

A flurry of emails passed between both men as information and data was collected. Small experiments were conducted and were mostly successful. Jack sent through various items. A pillow, a chair, a book and even a picture of himself and Rose (just to prove that he really did know her). The biggest item to be sent through was a large wardrobe. In turn, the alternate Torchwood branch sent the items back, apart from the photo. and the emails sent afterwards confirmed their safe arrival.

Pete was allowed to tell Jackie but not Rose. It was to be kept a surprise and when Pete happened to mention in an email that the Valentines day ball was approaching, the romantic side of Captain Jack immediately responded that they should aim for the day before the event for their final experiment. Pete was inclined to agree.

Pete clicked on the 'send new' button and opened up a fresh email screen. He sent a message to the Captain requesting final confirmation that everything was proceeding as plan. He signed off and was just about to hit the send button when he added a post script. P.S. Make sure he brings a tuxedo.


Over in the other universe Jack opened up Pete Tyler's email. He laughed loudly at the postscript and wondered if Rose's dad only knew how much trouble the Doctor seemed to get into when he wore formal wear. Very 'James Bond', Martha had called it. Jack thought her description fit the Doctor very well. He certainly seemed to get into as much trouble as the fictional character in the films.

It felt good to laugh. His team had been working hard this last month. Long nights without sleep and harsh words had taken their toll on all of them but they never wavered from their task. Despite their differences, Jack knew they all loved him and in all honesty he loved them too. And the Doctor, well the Captain wasn't sure that the word love could cover the emotions he felt for that man.

After their battle with the Master, the Doctor had stayed on at Torchwood for a bit. During that time Jack found out the whole story of what had happened to Rose Tyler. He also saw through the Doctor's careful mask of fake joviality and saw the real heart break within. So out of love he set to work on a way to bring them back together. After the Time Lord's departure, Tosh, Owen, Gwen and Ianto backed him up with their individual skills and Martha Jones managed to get away from U.N.I.T for a couple of weeks to lend a hand. Together they worked out the secret of the rift and the Captain was proud of them all.

Jack contacted the Doctor, and asked him to come to the hub as he had a surprise for him. When he arrived Jack showed his friend what they had achieved. At first the Time Lord had been sceptical but as he went through the plans and consulted the results of the experiments, a look of hope became apparent in his eyes.

I don't believe it,” he said quietly. “I've said it before and I'll say it again. You humans are brilliant.” Then smiling wildly he gave into impulse and kissed Jack full on the lips. It lasted but a second before he jumped back and was bounding with excitement towards the schematics again.

The Captain touched his lips with his fingers, before speaking, “Hell, I would have gotten this working in the first week had I known you were going to do that.”

The Doctor stopped smiling, but he still held compassion in his eyes. “I'm sorry, Jack. Shouldn't have done that. You're a dear friend but my hearts … well I ...”

Jack stopped him before he could go further. “It's fine Doc, honestly. You and Rose should be together. As for me well, you know I'm not made for monogamy. Besides I've got Ianto and Gwen and ...”

Jack! I get the point.” The Doctor placed his hand on the Captain's shoulder. “You're a good man. The words thank you are insufficient but they are all I have.”

Well don't thank me yet. We've got to get you and the TARDIS there first.”

Okay. When do I leave?

Just got to make final checks and ensure the rift is stable so I reckon in about 48 hours.”

Brilliant!” replied the Doctor as he rolled up his shirt sleeves. “Let's get to work.”

Jack sat at his computer remembering the enjoyment he received at working alongside the Time Lord once more. Though his heart would have liked more, he was content knowing that if everything went to plan he'd soon have not only the Doctor but Rose back in his life once again and that would be enough. With hope in his heart he sent a reply back to Pete Tyler.

The noise of the TARDIS pierced the quietness of the hub. Jack ran out of his office just in time to see the Doctor emerge from his time ship.

“Where have you been? It's almost time.”

To his surprise his friend turned red. “Um, nothing important. Just needed to pick up a few things.”

Jack wasn't fooled. “For Rose, huh.”


The Captain could not help grinning, an action which was contagious as soon the Doctor was smiling too.

“So, is it all still a go?”

Jack nodded. “Yes. I just had an email from Pete Tyler. Everything is ready on their side. Rose is off on an assignment so she won't be there when you arrive at Torchwood. Oh, and it's Valentines Day tomorrow, in their world. Jackie and Pete are holding their annual ball so make sure the TARDIS lays out a penguin suit for you,” finished Jack with a grin.

“I'm sure Pete didn't call it that,” grumbled the Doctor. He hated tuxedo's. Nothing good ever happened when he wore one.

“Ah, but imagine what Rose will think when she sees you wearing it,” coaxed Jack.

The Doctor's frown disappeared. “Well, I do look good in them,” he admitted before grinning broadly.

The chimes of an antique grandfather clock rang out before either man could say anything else. Jack's eyes flew to the time piece and then back to the Doctor. “That's our cue. Time for you to go.”

Together they moved back towards the TARDIS. As they reached the door the Doctor unlocked it. Then he faced the Captain once more. “Jack, I know this will work, well because you and your team are pure genius’s but ...” he faltered.

“But what, Doctor?”

“Um, just in case. You know if the worst should happen. Not that it will. But just in case the rift gets unstable or the TARDIS can't handle the journey; I mean she is an old Type 40 after all. But ...”


The Time Lord stopped babbling. He closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. “Jack. What I'm trying to say is that if I don't make it. Will you … will you please tell Rose that I tried and that I ...l … oh she knows. OW! What was that for?” he grumbled as he raised his hand to the side of his head where the Captain has just smacked him.

Jack did not hide the disgust in his voice. “If you get there and say that 'oh she knows' crap to Rose, I will personally come through the Rift and punch your lights out.”

The Doctor looked at Jack through wide eyes. “You actually mean that don't you?”

“It's not an idle threat, Doctor. I love her too but you were her world. You should Rose everyday what you felt even when you had no hair and wore those gorgeous black jeans.”

“I couldn't.”

“Couldn't or wouldn't?” Jack questioned. He sighed heavily. “Anyway, doesn't matter now. This is your chance, Doctor. If you blow this, you don't deserve her.”

The Time Lord bowed his head. “I know,” he said softly.

The clock chimed again, signalling the quarter hour. Both men looked up at its sound. Jack held out his hand. “You'll do fine, Doctor. I believe in you just as Rose does. Just you make sure to bring her for a visit when you get back.”

The Doctor took the hand offered to him and shook it then took a step forward and gave the surprised Captain a warm hug.

“Hey watch it tiger,” laughed Jack good naturedly. “There you go getting my hopes up again.”

The Doctor grinned back. “Always the optimist, hey Jack?”

“You bet.”

“Guess, I ought to get inside, I suppose. Let you do what you have to do.”

“Yes, Doctor. It'll be fine. I promise. Just make sure you say hello to Rose for me.”

“I will. Hopefully you'll be seeing both of us again very soon.”

“I'll hold you to that, Doc. Goodbye and good luck.”

“Goodbye, Jack. Thank you for everything.” With that the Doctor went inside the TARDIS and closed the door.

“You're welcome,” said Jack softly. Smiling to himself he went to the alien technology that he and his team had built and began the sequence that was required to send the Doctor and his time machine through the rift.

There was a flash of light and the TARDIS disappeared from sight. Jack prayed that it would find its way to the co-ordinates programmed and make right the terrible sorrow that both the Doctor and Rose had had to endure since the battle at Canary Wharf.

He typed a new email to Pete Tyler telling him that all had gone to plan on this side of the universe and to please keep him informed of the Time Lord's arrival. As he hit the send button Jack realised that despite the possible problems, he had a really good feeling that all would be well. The Doctor and Rose deserved a happy ending.

As he closed his email account, Jack thought about the things that made him happy. Working on the rift had left little time for other things with the two people he loved most. It was time to make it up to Gwen and Ianto and Jack, being Jack knew exactly how to do that.


Dear Pete,

Everything good here. Package is under way. Estimated time of delivery based on previous calculations is approximately five and a half hours. Sincerest hopes that it will be well received by a certain person that we all hold dear.

Kind Regards,

Captain Jack.

P.S. That offer I made to you is still open. Believe me, Jackie will love it.

Pete read the email for what seemed like the hundredth time. While he grinned at the Captain's audacity to allude to a potential threesome, he was more anxious about the Doctor's arrival. Five hours and twenty five minutes had passed and as yet there was no sign of the TARDIS. He tried to stay positive. After all, there had been some best minds in the galaxies working on this project, if Jack was to be believed. Pete had no reason to doubt him.

The shrill volume of his phone brought Pete out of his musings. Upon answering it, he heard Rose on the other end of the line. He listened while she gave her report on the outcome of the mission. Fortunately for all involved no one in her team or the aliens who'd crashed were seriously injured. Overtures of friendship and help had been given and gratefully received and the clean up process begun. Pete felt relieved on that account. Sadly not all encounters ended that way. Rose was still speaking so he turned his attention back to what she was saying.

“We're on our way back now. Should be there in about thirty minutes. I'll come up to see you then with the paper work.”

Pete felt a rush of panic. Rose couldn't come back now. His new daughter might dye her hair blonde but her brain was as sharp as a tack. It wouldn't take much to alert her that something was going on.

“Rose, you're mother phoned earlier and asked if you could leave early. She wants to treat you to a bit of pampering and do all those things that you women do. I hope you don't mind but I told her it was okay.”

There was a quiet pause on the phone before he received an answer.

“The clean ups done and we've all been through decontamination so I guess that would be alright. Things have been pretty full on lately and it'd be nice to spend some time with Mum. I haven't really had a chance to do that since … well since before we came here.”

Pete wasn't a fool. He could hear the pain in her voice, even through the phone line.

“Well then, it's settled. Don't worry about the paper work. You can give that to me tonight when I get home. Do you want me to send a car out to where you are or can you get a lift home?”

There was another lengthy pause down the phone but finally Rose spoke again. “I'll be fine. Jake says he'll drop me back to the house. I guess I'll see you tonight then?”

“For sure, love. Go have fun and enjoy.”

“Alright. Bye Dad.”

“Goodbye, Rose.”

He rang Jackie, the minute he hung up from Rose and informed her of the plan of action. With a sigh of relief he knew his wife would take care of the rest. She would keep Rose occupied for the rest of the afternoon. Pete had just finished his phone call to Jackie when his watch sounded that the five and a half hours had just passed. In that same moment, there was an almighty gust of wind and a light so bright that Pete had to throw up his hands in front of his eyes to avoid being blinded. The air rang with the sound of Torchwood's intruder alarms while emergency protocols surged into action. Amongst all the noise and commotion, Pete managed to open his eyes. The blinding light had faded and there standing in front of him was the TARDIS.

Pete wasn't sure what the protocols were when a Time Lord's ship landed in one's office. Should he knock on the door or wait until the Doctor came out. He did not have long to ponder his dilemma as within moments the doors opened and a familiar face appeared.

The Doctor was grinning despite the rather painful looking gash on his forehead. “Pete Tyler!” he exclaimed, as he extended his hand in greeting. “You haven't changed a bit.”

Pete shook the Doctors hand with great enthusiasm. “Nor you, Doctor. Still making the dramatic entrance I see.”

For the first time since his arrival, the Doctor appeared to be aware of the alarms that were still sounding. “I do seem to have caused a bit of pandemonium,” he remarked, though his voice held no trace of remorse.

Pete did not answer. Instead he walked to his desk, opened a secret compartment and pushed a red button hidden within. Instantly the din of the alarms ceased. “God, that noise always gives me a headache,” he complained. “But unfortunately they're essential.”

“They go off all around the base?”

“Yes.” Pete's features softened. “After Rose came to work for me she'd rush up here to my office every single time the alerts sounded. She was so certain that you'd find a way through.”

“But she stopped?” asked the Doctor in an anguished tone.

“After a while she did but I don't think it was because she stopped believing. I think it was the acute disappointment that she felt when she realised it wasn't you. I guess it happened just one to many times.”

Silence settled on both men as they reflected for a moment on what Pete had said.

The sound of footsteps in the corridor brought them back to the present. Pete glanced at the TARDIS before asking, “How was the trip anyway? Looks like you got thrown around a bit.”

The Doctor touched his wound and flinched. However he did not seem worried as he replied. “This little thing. Nah! That's the price of travelling without the Vortex. Not a lot of room for error coming through the Rift and it's a lot harder to navigate. Besides,” he remarked, “I've had worse. This will be healed by tomorrow morning.

Pete took the Doctor's word for it. “Okay, well if you're alright then we should get moving. You'll be staying at Mickey's place tonight. Rose is with Jackie at the moment but she can be rather unpredictable. I don't want – What's so funny?”

The Doctor tried to check his laughter but found it extremely difficult. Finally he managed to say, “so Rose takes as much heed of your instructions as she did when I'd say 'don't wander off?'”

Pete smiled. “Out in the field she listens but then she knows she's responsible for herself and her team. Outside of work though ...”

“Not so much?”

Pete nodded in agreement.

Another burst of laughter rumbled past the Doctor's lips. “Doesn't sound like she's changed a lot.”

“Well, I guess you'll see for yourself soon enough,” said Pete. “If you're ready, we can go.”

“What about the TARDIS? Will it be okay here?”

“She'll be fine. No one gets into this office without being invited and besides,” said Pete, grinning madly, “I told everyone that it was being fumigated for Paranobloxis. Nasty little buggers that get under the skin and eat you from the inside. No one would be stupid enough to go against my instructions.”

“Except Rose,” chuckled the Doctor. “Although I suspect there would be nothing stupid about her reasons.”

“No doubt,” agreed Pete as he pulled his car keys from his pocket. “Right, lets get you to Mickeys and get Rose's surprise under way. The Doctor was only too happy to comply. As Pete led the way down to the car park, he knew that Rose would not be the only one surprised. The Doctor was in for a surprise too. Pete hoped with all his heart that the Time Lord would think it a good thing.

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