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Dec. 26th, 2010 03:51 pm
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Woo hoo good news all.  Just got the final chapter of Endurance back from my beta.  Needs a couple of minor edits and then I'll post it.  Thanks for your patience.
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It's been a busy couple of weeks for us. 

Happenings at the Hambly's )Hope life is kind to everyone.  Cheers and best wishes.

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I'm on a role at the moment.  I hope it lasts.  The last 3 days my muse has been kind.  Chapter nine of Envy's Slave is almost ready.  Have written more on a fic featuring an alternate John Smith and Rose Tyler + kids.  Also started today and about 800 words in is my fic for the [ profile] sistersofguh ficathon.  It's based on a couple of the prompts (although one rather loosely).  Do I care, no.  Its nine/rose and I promise its hot. School goes back next week so hopefully I'll get a bit more writing done with one less child at home during the day and as long as my muse keeps behaving itself.
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Okay, so I know some Nursery Rhymes have relatively dark stories behind them so I really should not be surprised that French ones do too.

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Hello (waves madly) at all on my lj friends list.  I am still here and not, as Bridget Jones would say, been eaten by Alsatians.

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I'm doing research!  Argh.  I'm actually looking up online encyclopedia's for historical info.  This is for my story submission to the third round of the [ profile] storm_and_wolf  comm ficathon.

Anyone who knows me knows that this is something very new to me as I'm not the studious type but my prompt for this round has given me ideas that I love but don't really know much about so delving into history I go.

Also just wanted to say thanks to everyone who reviewed my last three fics.  I had some wonderful comments and was extremely pleased at the reception of at least two of those fics.  I never realised that Jack and Jenny were such a craved fandom but for those who commented you will be pleased to know that I have decided to write more on them along with the Tenth Doctor and Rose after their interesting encounter in 'Meet the Parents.'  I can't promise when though I'm sorry.

For those waiting on Chapter 5  of Envy's Slave is with my beta for final revision.  Poor girl, I have also sent her the second chapter of my rewrite of Sweet Punishment and also a new story featuring Ten and Rose. 

Have a great day all and happy writing.

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