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Birthdate:Oct 31
Location:Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Website:My Teaspoon & an Open Mind stories

I have opened this journal as a place to write my Doctor Who stories and hopefully make some online friends in the process. Love the ninth and tenth Doctors and all their characteristics. I am mostly about happy endings so canon often goes out the window. Life already throws so much crap at us so I think everyone deserves a happy ending. Thats not to say that there is no drama along the way.

I'm 40 and married to a wonderful man. (Has to be to put up with my Doctor Who obsession). We have two boys currently 7 & 4 who keep me very busy. We live in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. I was born here and wouldn't want to live anywhere else although I'd love to travel more to see other places. Now thats when a TARDIS really would be handy.

Writing has only become a hobby of mine since June 2009. Thought I'd turn my hand to it after reading some fantastic Doctor Who stories on a couple of fanfic sites. I've found it lots of fun and a good use for my otherwise "in motherhood" frame of mind. I have stories posted at under my full username emeraldeyedirishdaughter and also a member of A Teaspoon & an Open mind under emeraldeyeddaughter. If you follow my stories I do ask you to be patient with me. I only write in my spare time and as a full time mum with small children said spare time is not always in abundance but I'll do my best to offer up new chapters or stories when I can.

I am an addicted Doctor and Rose Shipper. Don't care if its Nine/Ten or Ten2 as long as Rose is happy with a Doctor in some form.

I'm not ashamed to say that reading and writing certain elements of Doctor Who fiction has been very good for my marriage so a big thank you to the authors of such stories. Never thought you'd be writing stuff to help relationships did you now. I also enjoy the humourous Doctor Who stories and to some extent a crossover here or there.

The only bad thing about this is that my housework is suffering but hey who cares about that!

While Nine was only on our screens for one short season he is still my favourite and I miss him very much although having said that I was totally devasted at the loss of our Tenth Doctor as well. I did enjoy Eleven's first season and looking forward to more but at this point although I think him very charming I doubt I'll be shipping him and any other character although adventure stories may not be out of the question.

On a personal note: I am happy to chat with people from my lj friends list on MSN but please contact me first if you want me to add you to my contacts so I know who you are when the request comes through otherwise I will probably delete your request. Thanks.

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