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Okay so my muse has been missing for so long but I thought I'd have a go at doing a 100 word drabble.  You may read it as either Nine or Ten although I think I was probably leaning more towards Nine.  It's not much but enjoy.  I hope my muse will respond to some yummy chocolate or something and come home sooner rather than later.

Good Intentions
Characters:  Nine or Ten with Rose Tyler
Rating: G
Unbeta'd so any mistakes are my own.

He did not do this. In a world of grey and white he did not belong.  He was the last of the Time Lords. A birth right that however tainted, demanded his full concentration. He could not allow himself to be side tracked; should not, could not, would not.

 Well at least that was his intention but intention seemed to go out the window when faced with one flushed Rose Tyler and an avalanche of soft duck feathers that were currently raining down on his head.

 Intentions be damned. After all there was more than one use for a feather.

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Summary: Alternate Universe The Doctor and Rose meet Jenny's new date
Rating: G , fluff and humour
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jenny and a surprise character
Beta'd by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] janna_hawkins 


Do you know anything about this man Jenny is dating? )


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Hi just wondering if anyone has a link for downloading Doctor Who confidential for the end of time part 2 please. 

I am also after the confidentials for 2008 Christmas special The Next Doctor and for the Easter 2009 special, Planet of the Dead.if anyone has one please.



Another couple of thoughts about EOT 2 - not long )


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My thanks to people who provide download links; without you us Aussies would have had to wait who knows how long. At least we can find solace now at a time when nearly all Doctor who fans are feeling it too.

No big ramble just a couple of thoughts )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [livejournal.com profile] mrs_roy  This is a story for you.  I know how you love Ten and Rose and babyfic.  It is unbetaed so all mistakes are my own. I did a spell check but if anything glaringly obvious sticks out please let me know. It's purely fluff so any techno babble and Judoon conversations that don't make sense... well it's hardly canon anyway.  Enjoy.

Title: A funny thing happened on the way to giving birth
Author: Emraldeyedauter
Rating: G - Some angst, mostly fluff,
Characters: Ten/Rose, the Judoon, later mention of Jack and Martha.
Summary: Sort of AU. Rose is married to the Doctor and they are expecting their first child very very soon but there is a little bit of trouble on the way to Jack and Cardiff.

Seems like our little time babe wants out as soon as possible. )
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According to the online programming schedule for ABC 2 we will be seeing a rerun of Planet of the Dead at 7.30pm Christmas Day and then on New Years Day at 7.30pm they are re running Waters of Mars.

I wonder if they have just slotted those in for a reason in the hope that if they get approval to screen End of Time they can just slot them in instead. Oh well we can only hope.

Incidentlly any Aussies who have not yet seen series 3 of Torchwood Children of the Earth.  It is scheduled to start on ABC 2 on 8th January, 2010
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This is a short piece I wrote a while back. My dearest [livejournal.com profile] doctorsdiva is still not yet out of hospital so this fic is unbeta'd. Any mistakes are my own. Given the heartbreak that is coming I desperately needed to revisit this piece and post it.
Title: No More Wasted Time
Author: emraldeyedauter
Summary: The Doctor contemplates why he is holding back when it comes to one Rose Tyler.
Characters: Can be either Nine or Ten with Rose Tyler
Rated: G
Disclaimer: DR Who is owned by the BBC and sadly not by me.
Word Count: 250


He stands by the console, openly watching her, contemplating breaking the last of his rules that inhibit him )


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I am overwhelmingly and incredibly jealous of you lot today. Why because tonight you'll all be sitting down with your beans on toast (or something more tasty) and cups of tea watching Waters of Mars while us poor Aussies have to wait till the ABC decides to show it on telly. WEELLL or at least until some kind soul uploads it to the net.

It's going to be very hard for me not to read peoples posts in case of spoilers. BOO HOO.

Edit: I just did a search on google and we won't get it till the 6th December. GRRR.
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This fiction is written for round two of the [info]storm_and_wolf ficathon. My prompt: “It's not whether you get knocked down. It's whether you get up.” Vince Lombardi.

Summary: Dealing with the Dalek in Utah has left the Doctor vunerable. He reveals to Rose his darkest secret, knowing she will run from him .... maybe. There is no Adam in this story because I think he's a prat so chose to omit him.

Characters: Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler
Rating: PG
Timeline: Follows the ending of Dalek
Beta'd by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] doctorsdiva
Disclaimer: Dr Who is owned by the BBC and sadly not by me.

Chapter One - enjoy )
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I have a story on Teaspoon that I'd like to post here but its about Martha Jones and Tom Milligan. The Doctor is involved a little bit but the story does not really fit into any of my current communities. Would appreciate it if anyone knows of one. Tah.
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Chapter one    Chapter Two

Finally get my rich text and lj cut to work again.  Since Teaspoon is taking it's sweet time to validate this chapter I thought I'd post it here first.

Characters: Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler

Chapter Three Summary: Time to investigate the rumoured slave trade but something else is about to happen. Good/Bad, read on to find out!  Plus the Doctor makes a new friend.

THis chapter is PG
Beta'ed by the lovely [info]doctorsdiva



Chapter Three ) Chapter Four
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THis story is posted in full over at fanfic site however I wasn't happy with it so am re writing it chapter by chapter along with the wonderful help of my beta

[Bad username or unknown identity:   doctorsdiva]

Summary: Rose is in serious trouble. The Doctor must save her or lose her forever. Justice must be served but punishment can be sweet depending on who is carrying it out. Warning: M rating for last chapter. NOTE:  Story contains mild references to sexual assault



Chapter One )Chapter Two
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Dr Who is owned by the BBC and sadly not by me.

Story summary: The Doctor has just lost Rose after the battle of the Cybermen and Daleks. He is a shattered man. A fanfic written after the battle and incorporating the goodbye scene at the end of Doomsday.

Beta'd by [livejournal.com profile] doctorsdiva  

Rated: PG

Warning you may want a tissue )
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Title: To Sleep perchance to Dream
Author: emraldeyedauter
Characters: Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler
Rating: G
Summary: The Doctor is afraid to sleep, afraid of the nightmares
Disclaimer – Dr Who, references to Gallifrey & the works of the Great Bard are not owned by me. Just the muse to string them together.

To die; to sleep so goes the words of Shakespeare - story under the cut )

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